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Get ready to level up your skills and become a more versatile musician.

As musicians, we are all trying to survive and THRIVE
in today’s competitive market. 

Nowadays, musicians need to do it ALL. 

It’s not enough to be good at one thing
(and let’s face it: you’re already GOOD). 

In order to get better gigs, gig more frequently and
attract and retain students,
you need to be versatile. 

Do any of the following scenarios seem familiar?

In the middle of a voice lesson, your student puts a Jason Robert Brown song in front of you and you struggle to play any sort of accompaniment. 
You are frustrated and embarrassed that your piano skills have remained stagnant for this long.


You walk up to the bandstand feeling insecure that you won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the group. The gaps in your musical skills are making it hard to enjoy performing and you’re losing gigs over it. 

You want to have more fun making music, but you know you need HELP to do it.


20 hours of video lessons, 400+ pages of print material, access to all courses, access to a private forum, a monthly live call with me to check in on your progress, the chance to shape future courses.

Need piano skills? We have LOADS of that.

Need to get your rhythm in order? You betcha!

Ear training and solfege? YEP and YEP.

Want to learn some jazz? We have TONS of that.

Need some improvisation? There's some great support here!